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Consultant & Trainer @Management Centre Türkiye

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cropped-cropped-10414849_10153242973734724_6107207276132745320_n.jpgAfter being graduated from Economics Department, Gözde has been awarded the degree of Master of Arts in Human Resources Development in Education at METU.In 2008,she has been accepted for the Phd program of Educational Administration and Planning, she is still studying as a Phd Candidate at METU

Having experience in various sectors, she served for the establishment of Likya HR Management Academy as managing partner and during 7 years she lead several consulting and training projects.In this position, she managed OD projects as well as conducting corporate training programs.During her management career at Likya, she worked for global organizations and served as a key expert in several projects granted by EU and World Bank.

While serving for corporate clients professionall, she voluntarily managed National Training Institute of Junior Chamber International Turkey for 2 years.She has been accredited as JCI Certified National Trainer and served JCI as a Head Trainer in Japan, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Italy. She also served the organization as board member of European Development Council and chairperson of the Marketing and Communications Comm.

Now, a part of Management Centre Türkiye’s consultant team, Gozde provides services to corporations to ensure them to uncover the true potential of their employees in the fields of Management Skills, Organizational Development and Leadership by using methods like ORSC, Coaching, and Transactional Analysis. In addition, she has served in OD Consultancy to several corporations, including Finansbank,TEB,BI,TeliaSonera . Companies she has offered consulting and trainings for are as follows:HSBC, TEB, Turkcell, Boehringer Ingelheim, Jannsen, TeliaSonera, Phillip Morris, Garanti Bankası, Vodafone, Abdi İbrahim, YKSEİ Finansbank, Siemens EC, Coca Cola,Mercedes, Rixos

Being a member of Peryon and METU, she continues her active works in NGOs, and works as the founding president in IODA TURKEY;International Organization Development Association.








































































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